Storage Tips

Extra Storage Wyoming

·         Make a complete list of all your stored goods.

·         Maximize your space usage (eg. You can use the space inside large appliances and other items to store smaller items).

·         Stack your boxes that are the same or similar in size, heaviest boxes on bottom.

·         Label your boxes.

·         Never store hazardous materials. Food items attract pests that may cause damage to other items in your unit.

·         Avoid using plastic to wrap your belongins, paper products are better suited for storage.

·         Store your expensive items in the back of the storage unit and place furniture or beds in the front of them.

·         Wrap your breakable items with bubble wrap or towels, and place them in boxes at the top of a stack.

·         Books is better to be packed flat in small boxes.

·         Use wardrobe boxes for clothes (you can store in hangers to retain the shape of garments).

·         Charge can be stacked seat to seat with paper or cloth between them (cover arms to prevent damage).

·         Mirrors, artwork can be wrapped in newspapaer and covered in cardboard.