Q: How do I determine what size space I need?

A: We have spaces that will fit your needs, without paying for space you won’t use. See below.

SMALL - 5 X 10 (50 Sq Ft – Walking Closet Unit): Space of a small room or a larger closet. This storage unit is ideal for customers that have a studio apartment or one bedroom worth of items to move like Queen-sized mattress set; dresser and nightstands; TV stand and flat-screen TV; loveseat and chairs; bicycle and other sporting equipment; boxes of clothing and household Items.

MEDIUM 10 x 10 (100 Sq Ft – Standard Bedroom Size Unit): Store up to three rooms of items or 2 full bedrooms like a King-sized mattress set; two couches or sectional living room set; coffee and end tables; major appliances (washer/dryer, refrigerator); entertainment center + flat-screen TV; boxes of items (clothing, sentimental, etc.).

LARGE 10 x 20 (200 Sq Ft – Standard One-Car Garage Size Unit): This space can store up to 4 bedrooms equivalent to standard one-car garage space or use it to store a vehicle like a four bedroom sets; living room furniture set (couches, tables, TV stands); kitchen appliances and items (refrigerator, pots/pans, etc.); dining room set; patio furniture; exercise equipment (weight sets, treadmill, etc.); medium & large moving boxes of household items; wardrobe boxes with clothing.